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Nov 21, 2016
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Well-Known Member, Male

    1. Jasper
      Your one of the best, best friends anyone could ask for bub~

    2. soooeypig
      I turk when I can and am averaging at least $12 an hour doing that - which I'm pleased with, since I stay at home. When I'm not turking, I have elderly parents on my side and my husband's side that require my help. I usually turk early in the morning and later in the evening. I'd love to make the 'big money' like you do and retire early....lolol.
      1. SeDuCeR
        aww that is really sweet and kind of you to help care for the parents... I'm not making any real big monies, just enough to get by, I don't need alot and live simple. My place is paid for, my beat up truck is paid for, I don't do anything extravagant or buy anything much... just a simple life :)
        Sep 12, 2017
        angel likes this.
    3. soooeypig
      I was pretty sure you had died or finally attained your gold level of not turking any more....
      1. SeDuCeR
        LOL... nah I'm just working on the side and have not been Turking as much, but I do turk everday even if it's for a little while... Have not seen you either much, you working on the side too?
        Sep 12, 2017
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