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Bonus Tracking / Management

Discussion in 'TurkerView' started by ChrisTurk, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    +62,776 / 131 / -2
    Bonus Manager
    I added a small feature so you can quickly manage which Requesters have actually paid out expected bonuses on TurkerView. For now its just for personal use, maybe one day it'll get tossed into the aggregate data, but I was getting annoying trying to do it through HITDB so I wrote this really quick.



    The layout/formatting isn't fantastic atm but I'll probably fiddle with it as I get a bigger list to see what works/doesn't.

    I updated all mine just going into gmail and searching for the requester name:

    The site displays the expected bonus (ie, what you entered as the bonus amount when you reviewed the HIT) so you can match it up and make sure they paid you correctly (or edit the review to reflect the new amount):

    I noticed I had 2 bonus amounts that were different than expected (one higher, one lower) so YMMV.
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