[Guide] Protecting Your Mturk/Amazon Account via 2FA

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    It is extremely important to protect your online web accounts against malicious intent. This is especially important for sites that contains your addresses, credit card details, or in this case, MTurk earnings. With this short guide, you can quickly enhance the security of your Amazon/MTurk/Payments/etc accounts.

    Doing the following steps once will automatically protect any service that uses the same Amazon login. Note: If you have multiple Amazon accounts/logins (ie - logging in with a different email address), you need to follow this guide for each account you own. This takes a maximum of 5 minutes to do, if that. We're going to enable what is called Two Factor/Step Authentication/Verification (2FA).

    To Enable 2FA on Your Amazon Account:
    1. Login to Amazon.com with the same credentials as your MTurk account.
    2. In the upper right bar, click "Your Account".
    3. In the "Settings" box, under the "Account Settings" heading, click "Login & Security Settings".
    4. Click under "Advanced Security Settings".
    5. You have two options (you can enable both for extra security):
      1. A. Use an authenticator app (such as AWS Virtual MFA, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator) - Available in your smartphone's app store.
      2. Be sent an SMS/text message with a security code sent to you.
    6. Amazon does a pretty good job walking you through how to do each step. What will happen after activating these features is that every time you login to your Amazon/MTurk/Payments account, you will be prompted to input a code you receive from either the app or a text message.
    7. If you don't always have your phone on you or you get tired of entering codes, you can click the check box next to "Don’t ask for codes on this device".

    Even with the steps above complete, it is still extremely important to keep an eye on your account for any signs of changes or things out of the ordinary. If ever in doubt, change your password immediately and have Amazon (or the website you have an account on) do a security audit on your account, since they typically log information through their backend that you can't see (IP addresses, login times, login locations, etc).

    If you would like to try to protect your accounts you have on other websites (such as online bank accounts, emails, shopping, money-management accounts, etc), you can do a quick search to see if that website offers 2FA here - https://twofactorauth.org

    One last word of wisdom - if something is online, it can be potentially hacked. This guide is just a simple preventative measure to reduce the chances of something happening to you. Be sure to pass the word on to your friends, families, roommates, and co-workers. Good luck and I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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