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Requester looking to view my reviews, help!

Discussion in 'Requesters' started by Scoutlabmu, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Scoutlabmu

    Scoutlabmu New Turker

    +0 / 0 / -0
    I'm pretty confused on how to navigate this site. I am a requestor trying to view the reviews for my HITS. I am running the TurkerViewJS script but the only way I was able to see my reviews was to create a worker account myself. Is there a better way to see my reviews? Is there a way to sync my MTURK requestor account to Turk hub and view them on here?
    Thanks for the help,
  2. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    +75,975 / 164 / -2
    Hey Annika,

    You should be able to search for yourself directly on TV's website, absolutely no need to install a script that is so that workers can get direct access to data w/o having to load our site.

    Do you know your requester name or id? Id is the best way to find yourself, but even plugging in your name should work.

    Is this y'all? https://turkerview.com/requesters/A3N8RUOKCQF1LO-scout-lab
  3. Girl Polar Bear

    Girl Polar Bear Queen of the North

    +34,683 / 50 / -3

    also please contact @ChrisTurk to setup your requester account