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[Resource] SoundWire

Discussion in 'mTurk Scripts & Resources' started by Randomacts, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Randomacts

    Randomacts Well-Known Member

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    With the TTS (Text To Speech) being added to scripts it is now possible to passively watch for hits with just audio. Now if you are anything like me while I don't leave the house as often as I should I do often cook and watch anime on my big tv with my brother so I'm not always at my computer. To put it simply I use Soundwire to send the audio from my computer to my android phone.

    I also actually use this for when I take a nap I can be woken up and I just listen to what batch goes up so I know if it is worth rolling out of bed for.

    *SoundWire (free) (See more info about the free version below)
    SoundWire Paid ($3.99)
    Soundwire Server

    The server interface on windows is fairly simple and you should be able to figure it out.


    For more information see the user's guide at http://georgielabs.net/SoundWireHelp.html

    *The free version of the application identifies itself by voice every 45 minutes and displays ads. There is a 10 minute compression trial in the free version. The full version enables unlimited Opus audio compression, can handle multiple clients, and has no ads or voice identification. It also has a special Pro Mode to set and display buffer latency precisely in milliseconds. Please consider purchasing the full version of SoundWire if you'd like to support the developer.

    Note: This app will drain the battery on your phone for obvious reasons with it keeping your phone awake but with your screen off it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    If anyone has any questions about it that I failed to explain with my poorly written post please ask and I'll try to respond. This is not my program but I have been using it since I started using overwatch with TTS alerts.

    tl;dr I use this to send audio from my pc to my phone while on the same network. (I also use it while I take naps)
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  2. Saqfish

    Saqfish Active Member

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    That's pretty interesting. There are other ways of doing this for free but it requires a bit of more technical work.