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Thread Creation Rules

Discussion in 'Daily mTurk HITs Threads' started by TissueHime, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. TissueHime

    TissueHime Survey Slinger

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    Listed below are the guidelines for creating the daily hit threads.

    1. It has to follow the specific format. You can title it whatever you want, and post whatever gifs within reason, but it has to follow the xx/xx - __________ format.* for example "10/20 - _________".

    2. There will usually be a reminder at 10:30 PM Pacific that there is 1 hour left. People usually call it then. If you want to call it earlier, pm me (TissueHime) or tag me in a post.

    3. If no one claims it by 30 minutes before the next day (12:00 am Pacific, 3:00 am Eastern), priority will go to me.

    4. If you do create a thread, create it between 12:00-12:05 am pacific if you called it. Not at like 10 am. Not 10+ minutes earlier as well and definitely not 10 minutes late.

    4a. If you want to make the thread for the next day, but are not able to get on at the day change, create it and pm/tag me so I can lock it until the day changes.

    5. If you can't create a thread you called dibs on for whatever reason, message one of the mods/admins preferably an hour or so before the day ends.

    6. If you do call dibs, and don't create a thread and you didn't pm a mod, you might not be eligible to call dibs for another daily hits thread until the near future.

    7. If you do call dibs, please tag me so I know in advance that you have called it, if I am not tagged and I do not see your dibs post, I will most likely create the thread and yours will be deleted.

    8. Thread titles are allowed to have words in all caps, but keep this within moderation. Any extensive use will be edited and multiple offenses might lose your ability to call dibs.

    * Within reason means - no vulgarity in the title. No porn/nude pics/gifs. Try to keep it SFW, after all these are work threads, and some users access the thread from school/work.

    ** Whoever calls it in the current day's thread up to 30 minutes before 12 am pacific, 3am eastern gets to make the new thread. First come first serve, the only exception to this rule is if someone has previously called it for a certain day.

    These rules are subject to change at any time without prior warning. It is your responsibility to be up to date with these rules and make sure they are followed if you have called dibs.

    If people want themed weeks or something from me instead of my normal stuff, feel free to reply to this thread on the theme or subject and I might choose it xD
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    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017