(Thur. 20 April 2PM EDT) Guess the correlation and get up to $10

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    This is getting to an end!

    We will run an online multiplayer game as part of a MIT scientific project. The qualification HIT will take place Today (Thursday 20th of April) at 1PM EDT time and the actual HIT will be same day at 2PM EDT (one hour later)

    The HIT require people to be online simultaneously. We might run the experiment again (x1 times) in the coming days, with no repeat takers (participants are allowed to play the game only once) . The game must be played from a desktop or laptop (No mobile support).

    The Qualification HIT information:
    HIT title:
    (Qual HIT) Guess the correlation and get up to $10
    Time: today @ 1PM EDT
    Expected HIT length: 1 minute

    Requester ID: AGEIRIHRRYV6P

    The actual HIT information:
    HIT title:
    [Play immediately] Guess the correlation and get up to $10
    Time: today @ 2PM EDT
    Expected HIT length: 10-35 minutes (depending on condition)
    HIT expectations:
    • Your decision to participate in the experiment is entirely voluntary.
    • 40 participates will receive the quals and 36 will play the game.
    • The remaining participants (maximum 4, if everyone shows up on time) will be in the surplus room (in case someone goes idle or fails the attention checks).
    • People in the surplus room will be paid the base of $2 and this will not effect their future participation in our HITs.
    • The bonus varies across conditions (randomly assigned), as some conditions have longer expected play time (maximum bonus ranges from $2 to $8 based on condition)
    • The average hourly pay was $14 so far.
    • People who join the HIT late will receive: "Sorry, we've missed you" message. This is important to avoid the problem of people auto-accepting the HIT without playing immediately. In previous runs, we experienced 3-5 participants that accept the HIT and go idle (i.e., not showing up on time).
    If you are to participate and get assigned the qualification, it is critical that you show up on time at 2PM EDT. Otherwise, it would delay the start of the game for the other participants
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