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[Please Help!] TurkAssist Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Help & Guides' started by Wilma, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Wilma

    Wilma Well-Known Member

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    I’ve used TA (TurkAssist) for a while but it’s starting to really slow down my browser/loading times for mturk pages so I am trying to move away from it. There are a few things that it provided in my queue and HIT window that I can’t seem to find alternatives for in greasyfork.

    What's Missing Inside HIT window (after HIT is accepted):
    • Contact requester link/ability to contact requester from inside HIT window
    • HIT history from requester
    • Turkopticon
    • Ability to make notes (not terribly important but nice to have)
    • hourly wage upon submitting hit

    What's missing in queue:
    • HIT history from requester and/or
    • Ability to see if I’ve previously worked for particular requester (green check mark/requester)

    I currently have installed:
    • CH Requester Results Refinements
    • mmmturkeybacon Add Contact Link to Turkopticon
    • mmmturkeybacon Enhanced HIT Information

    General options
    • Ability to block a certain requester/HIT/keyword
    also... @Ethraiel - would be awesome to add requesters/etc to OW from HITs page! - just a thought

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    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  2. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    +47,383 / 101 / -2
    I'm not really sure there is any combination of scripts off the top of my head that will fully replicate all of these features.

    Wages: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/search?q=wage
    There seem to be a lot of options there, though frankly I'm not sure which ones do/don't work (if any).

    In general though I'd check out @Kadauchi MTS.. He should be releasing it on Chrome store so it'll be easy for you to install around the 2nd of Jan (if TA can hold out until then).. There will still be a good # of features from TA you'll be missing with it, but its probably your best bet for future additions and all-around performance.
  3. Wilma

    Wilma Well-Known Member

    +2,905 / 0 / -0
    Ah, forgot to mention that I have that installed too.

    Thanks for the advice :)
  4. Kadauchi

    Kadauchi Well-Known Member

    +6,337 / 7 / -0
    The browser is slowing down because of all the stuff TA tries to do.

    Enhanced HIT capsule info.
    That is not very accurate.
    Talk to HITDB creator for both
    Not possible since OW runs on a different site. Maybe when the new site starts allowing people to work on it there.
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