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[Script] TurkerView Dark Theme

Discussion in 'mTurk Scripts & Resources' started by Trickydude24, May 14, 2018.

  1. Trickydude24

    Trickydude24 Well-Known Member

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    Much like my ever popular dark theme for MTurk, I have created a similar version for TurkerView. It installs the same exact way, utilizing the Stylish browser extension or via a userscript (found at the bottom of the Userstyles link).

    1. Install Extension

    To install this themes, you will need to install a browser extension. If not already installed, download one of the available extensions listed below, according to the browser that you use:

    Note: Other browsers are untested - feel free to try without official support.

    2. Install Theme

    Latest Version: 0.1 [May 14th, 2018]
    Download Here
    - https://userstyles.org/styles/159943/turkerview-dark-theme
    TurkerView Homepage

    TurkerView Requesters Page

    TurkerView Detailed Requesters Page

    How to Update Themes

    Stylish does not support auto-updating at this time, so you'll have to either update it manually or install the script via the userscript (which updates the theme automatically within 24 hours of a pushed fix). If you prefer using Stylish, there are a few ways you can manually update:
    • Go to the link of the theme above and click the big green "Update Style" button.

    • Click the Stylish extension icon in your browser, then the 3 vertical dots (next to Stylish ON) and click Manage All Styles. Click Check for Updates, then Install Updates.
    Any questions or issues, let me know!
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