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    I've recently switched over to a new system for displaying user groups. Wanted to write up a quick guide to explain some of the new icons. There are a few that aren't yet available to be earned, but this is a good quick start guide :)

    [​IMG]AdministratorDon't mess with this guy, please, he's usually pouring water on the server because its on fire.
    [​IMG]DonorThese are the folks who pay to keep the website running every month.
    [​IMG] Donor (BTC)These are the folks who pay to keep the website running every month in a 21st century kind of way.
    [​IMG]Fantasy Football ChampionOur inaugural Fantasy Football winner @jessers is currently the only one sporting this icon, hopefully another Champion will join her next year.
    [​IMG]Member of the MonthThese are folks who are confirmed to have won a "Member of the Month" award on MTG
    [​IMG] Member of the YearConfirmed winners of MTG's Member of the Year awards for 2014 and 2015. No award was handed out for 2016, we'll resume this as a TurkerHub award in 2017.
    [​IMG] ModeratorsJudge, jury, and executioners of TurkerHub. Current staff include:
    [​IMG] mTurkGrind AlumThese are handed out to anyone who was registered on MTG prior to it being sold and collapsing in November 2016. If you meet that criteria please PM or @ ChrisTurk there with your TurkerHub username.
    [​IMG] Script ContributorThese are skilled community members who have taken time to contribute large scale projects or many HIT specific scripts for the community. Currently @Kadauchi, @ceedj, and @Ethraiel are the only ones assigned to this group.
    • @ceedj for his tireless work releasing multiple scripts for popular batches from A9 and ProductRNR
    • @Ethraiel for his work on Overwatch which makes an ideal replacement for the outdated Hit Monitor
    • @Kadauchi for the insane amount of contributions he's made to the mTurk community at large, including the brand new mTurk Suite
    [​IMG] Verified RequesterAccounts with this icon are confirmed to post HITs on Mechanical Turk and can be contacted through the forum about their work on the platform.
    [​IMG] Welcome WagonThese are awarded (and upgraded) for welcoming new users in the Introductions subforum. @Hummingbirdee was the first member to earn this icon :)
    Current tiers are:
    • I - Welcome 5 new members to TH
    • V - Welcome 10 new members to TH
    • XXV - Welcome 25 new members to TH
    • L - Welcome 50 new members to TH
    • C - Welcome 100 new members to TH
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